5 Anime You Need To Watch On Amazon Prime Video.

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You think of a worldly impossible idea of a story. My bet is Manga/Anime has done it already. Be it a slice of life or a sci-fi one; you could be nothing but in awe of the work.

Here is a list of anime shows that you can watch on amazon prime video.

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Not much luck with subtitles for the trailer.

Re:Creators explores the possibilities of fictional characters having their own will. In their eyes, are we, the creators, gods?


Did not find a subbed version.

The power to stop time is a stasis spell that the members of the Yukawa family inherited. One day, to save her brother and nephew from a possible kidnapping, Juri enters the stasis but, to her surprise, finds herself in the company of other(bad) people who are still able to move in the stasis world.

Banana Fish:

we got lucky

Banana Fish is an anime series based on the manga with the same name, created by Akimi Yoshida. The story follows Ash a 17-year-old Newyork gangster fighting a syndicate along with a 19-year-old eiji

Inuyashiki: The Last Hero:

No subs with this either

Diagnosed with stomach cancer and only three months to live, our lead has an emotional breakdown near the field, only to find himself in the midst of an explosion. When woken, he finds out he has been born with mechanized weapons inside him.


We got lucky again

A child was offered to 12 demons in exchange for a prosperous kingdom. The child grows to be called Hyakkimaru befriends a young thief Dororo. Together they fight for their survival in this demon-infested world. With each death of a demon, the boy regains a part of himself.